What Is Ortho-K?
Ortho-K reshapes the cornea through the use of specialized contact lenses, which are designed to fit your eyes. These lenses are to be worn while you sleep. You put the specially fitted lenses in at bedtime, and when you wake up, you will have clear, sharp, natural vision for the rest of the day. Ortho-K lenses are like braces, but very gentle braces designed just for you!

Is It Safe?
Yes! Ortho-K is FDA approved vision correction therapy. This is a safe, non-surgical and effective treatment that can correct nearsightedness (including high prescription), farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (blurred near vision).

A testimonial from one of our Ortho-K patients

Myopia Control in Children:
The number of children that are becoming myopic (nearsighted) has been growing rapidly over the last 25 years. The rapid increase is due in part to children spending more time studying, reading, and using computers and screens rather than playing outdoors and away from screens. Our goal at DuPage Optical is to assess and manage myopia risk in children. The first step is having an eye exam at our office before the age of five. If a child is developing myopia, Ortho-K has been proven to be the treatment of choice to slow down or stop the progression of myopia.

Can Adults have Ortho-K?
Ortho-K is a great alternative to LASIK for those who don’t want the risk or are not ready for surgery. LASIK also does not correct the near vision for patients over 40 years of age. However, Dr. Cho is trained and experienced in designing multi-focal Ortho-K lenses that allow adults over 40 to see distance and up-close for reading and computer. Even post-LASIK patients that are now over 40 can benefit from these special lenses. If you are tired of glasses and contact lenses, Ortho-K is the right fit for you!

If you have any question about Ortho-K, give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cho at 630-279-8866.