Start managing your child’s myopia with a comprehensive approach built around MiSight 1 day contact lenses, the first and only soft contact lenses that are FDA approved to slow the progression of myopia in children age 8-12 at initiation of treatment.

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A Revolutionary Contact Lens

MiSight 1 day is a soft contact lens that uses ActivControl Technology to slow the elongation of the eyes. ActivControl Technology can simultaneously correct your child’s vision today, while training their eyes to resist growing longer.

A robust program supports you and your child every step of the way

The Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program offers you and your child the support you need to take on myopia between eye appointments.

It includes:
• An annual supply of MiSight 1 day daily disposable lenses
• Free shipping and free returns, including prescription changes
• Office visits outlined for the entire year
• Access to online support tools
• A helpful app with your program details and appointment reminders