DuPage Optical is proud to offer scleral lenses for our patients. Scleral contact lenses are often used for people who are unable to use traditional contact lenses. There are plenty of eye conditions where traditional lenses simply won’t work.

Scleral lenses get their name because they cover the whole eye instead of just a portion of the cornea. They rest on the sclera (the white part of your eye). Since they are much larger than traditional lenses, they are more stable on eyes and don’t get dislodged easily.

Scleral lenses are also more comfortable—once you put them in! For this reason, they can also be used on sensitive eyes or irregularly shaped corneas. Scleral lenses can also be used by people who suffer from dry eyes.

Scleral lenses can be more expensive than traditional lenses because they are custom-made to fit your eyes. It takes special tools and imaging devices to measure your eyes and order your lenses. Vision insurance can help with these extra costs, and we will be happy to discuss payments at your visit.

Patient Testimonial

“If you are having an issue being fitted for Scleral Contact Lenses, your next step should be to make an appointment at DuPage Optical in Addison, I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have found Dr. Butzon and his team just blocks from my home!

I really struggled accepting this and finally made the decision to get another opinion, well I have to tell you that Dr. Butzon is the most patient and through eye doctor I have ever had and I can honestly say that I am 150% satisfied with my new Scleral Multi Focal contact lenses.  I have not seen this clearly for reading, computer and distance in what seems like forever, thank you so much for everything, you are the best!”

Linda C.

If you have any questions about scleral lenses or if you want to set up an appointment to try them, contact us today at (630) 279-8866 to schedule an appointment!