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Did you know that daily in take of certain nutrients- either through foods or supplements-has been linked to healthy eyes and may reduce the risk of some chronic eye conditions such as "Dry Eyes" or "Macular degeneration"?

During the course of your eye exam, the doctors of DuPage Optical will determine if your eye condition would benefit from supplements. If needed our practice will dispense the supplements that will help you maintain healthy eyes or reduce the risk of developing a chronic eye disease.

Clinical research has found that Dry Eyes and Age related Macular Degeneration to be nutrition responsive disorders. Be advised that "one-a-day" multivitamins typically deliver below the recommended levels for eye health. Our doctors are an excellent source for information regarding supplementation and look forward to assisting you at your next visit by adding power full anti-oxidants to your diet which will improve your eye health.
ProOmega: Omega-3 for Dry Eyes

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 provides an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids in their naturally existing ratios. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed daily, and must be obtained from our diet. Nordic Naturals Omega-3 is a great-tasting, fresh, and pure source of omega-3s and vitamin E. Omega-3s support proper cellular flexibility and cardiovascular health.
Did You Know? Omega-3s (EPA+DHA) from purified fish oil:
Supports the body�s natural anti-inflammatory response to promote healthy eyes
Relieves eye redness, dryness, pain, and inflammation
Supports tear duct production and optimal tissue moisture
Helps maturation of visual system and visual acuity of infant during pregnancy
Is natural and safe for long-term use
2200mg EPA+DHA per 4 soft gels
ProDHA Eye: Omega-3 for Age-Related Degeneration

ProDHA Eye is formulated with key ocular nutrients that have been shown to protect the eyes and support healthy vision.* ProDHA Eye consists of purified fish oil high in DHA combined with the fat-soluble carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. The fish oil in ProDHA Eye provides an ideal lipid delivery system for the lutein and zeaxanthin, and regular supplementation with ProDHA Eye is a convenient way to achieve the combined benefits of these nutrients.
Did You Know? Omega-3s (EPA+DHA) from purified fish oil:
Protects eyes from oxidative stress and damage
Protects against age-related eye disorders
Reduces the risk of cataracts
Provides protective pigment to ocular cells
Is natural and safe for long-term use
946mg EPA+DHA per 2 soft gels


The Nordic Naturals Difference:
it is important to consume a fresh & clean oil from a high quality supplier. Rancid or fishy oils do more harm than good for your cells and body! Governmental fish oil quality standards do not exist in the United States. To ensure consistent quality, We adhere to and exceeds the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) and the European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS) as well as the voluntary standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED).
Third Party tested, verifying oils are free of mercury, lead, PCBs, dioxins, and other contaminants
processed immediately after harvesting in an oxygen-free environment, preventing decomposition and ensuring exceptional freshness levels
Great Tasting:
Enjoyable to take even in direct liquid form! 100% guarantee to have no fishy taste or aftertaste
Natural Triglyceride Form:
ensures optimal absorption and utilization, delivering maximum health benefits
Backed By Extensive Research:
Nordic Naturals products have been chosen by researchers in 10 peer-reviewed, published scientific studies, with 30 more currently underway
Sustainable Fishing:
100% of our fish is sourced in compliance with the Norwegian fisheries management systems, which has been a model for the sustainable harvest of marine life for nearly 50 years

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